Welcome to a new world! A world of speed, pleasure, comfort, safety and sensations. Speed is not the 431 Speedster’s only advantage. She offers much more than just being fast. While very few other boats that comfortable can effectively exceed 50 knots, most of them will eventually only reach this speed on dead flat water. With the 431 Speedster, you will be able to run hard even in the rough in all safety and comfort. But most important, you will always remain dry, even with strong side winds. These performances are the direct result of superior naval architecture and advanced construction. Not only our hull design is unique with the deepest Vee in the category; the 431 Speedster can be powered with various engine packages inboards or outboards. The goal designing the 431 Speedster was to combine the aggressivity of a truly sportive line with a gigantic cockpit, and we did it. She was designed and build to run fast, and she does, while her deck layout offers more space than any other boat on the market. The step less ergonomic layout makes the 431 Speedster super inviting even with a dozen people onboard. The center console helm station and its helm bench are fully protected by the windshield and hard top and will allow people to enjoy the navigation and just have a normal conversation even at 40+ knots. Facing the carbon fiber dashboard and the Crystal display integrating all the engine parameters and electronics your hat will never fly away. Inside, to port is a full bath while the central volume comes with a generously dimensioned island bed. Lncflzk,fo,fk,f spring,elf k,f Kat, efnvnvlenvo. ,zoo, kl,VTC is,v ci,virile,





Length Overall (L.O.A): 13,04 m  / 42’9’’
Max. Beam: 4,19 m / 13’11’’
Light Displacement: 10200 kg/ 22,490 lbs (Inboard Version)
Fuel Capacity: 1050 l to 2030 l / 277 to 536 US. Gal
Fresh Water Capacity: 300 liters / 80 US Gal.
Engines: 880 HP to 1350 HP
Maximum speed: 41 to 55 kts / 47 to 64 mph +/- 3%
Cruise speed: 34 to 45 kts / 40 to 52 mph +/- 3%