The gladiator 631 Next was developed by multiple national and world offshore powerboat champion to finally bring high-tech to everyday boaters who will soon enjoy the best of all: astonishing speed to power ratio; reduced consumption and incredible range; comfort, silence and space. The gladiator 631 Next represents a whole new breed of high-performances luxury sport cruisers. Entirely built-in high-tech composites, her hull, deck and superstructure are engineered calling for a mix of carbon fiber, kevlar and E-glass with vacuum bagged coring. The hull is designed with two ventilated steps and negative pads to optimize water flow to the propellers. The entire aft section of the hull has been engineered to install the JDM Special transmissions optimizing performances, comfort and reliability by eliminating all exterior hydraulic hoses and fittings. As a result, with only twin

Volvo 1000 hp, the Gladiator 631 Next will top 48 knots / 55 mph. For those in need for more adrenaline and speed she also exists in a cut-down deck version called 631 Record, that, entirely made of carbon fiber and powered by three diesel V8 Scania DI16 @ 1150 hp will top 65 knots / 74 mph making it the world’s largest hyper fast center console ever build. At 19,35 m / 63’6”, the Gladiator 631 is also a true luxury yacht. She is available in two versions; two cabins + crew cabin or three cabins + crew cabin. Interiors are built lightweight with extensive use of carbon fiber, foam cored anti-noise and vibration pavement and high-tech honeycomb furniture production process by iconic Canados cabinetry makers. With a beam of 4,73 m /15’6”, the widebody owner’s suite offers ample spaces. We choose the Volvo Penta D13-1000 hp as standard power package.





Length overall (L.O.A.): 19,35 m /      63’6”
Maximum beam: 4,73 m / 15’6”
Empty displacement: 18 800 kg / 41,500 lbs
Fuel tanks capacity: 2500 liters / 660 US Gallons
Water tanks capacity: 600 liters / 158 US Gallons
Wastewater capacity: 300 liters / 80 US Gallons
Engines: 2x VOLVO D13 with ZF 400
Transmissions: 2x JDM 30 special
Maximum speed: 48 kts / 55 mph +/- 3%
Cruise speed: 40 kts / 46 mph +/- 3%
Cruise range: 460 NM
Column 1 Value 5 Column 2 Value 5